Girls Empowerment!

Girls Empowerment!

$85.00 Booyah!

A dream is the field where possibility lies. When the focus and attention is placed on what you want the world becomes brighter and butterflies tickle your tummy. A dream can lift a down turned chin. A dream makes decisions easier. A dream filters out what’s not important and where focus is best spent. 

I have a daughter, I want this for her. 

This 3 week program gives girls access to naming what they want, knowing where to put their attention and becoming aware of what gets in their way. 

The girls will get tools to become aware of when they are in reaction and when they are in choice. Choice is a fundamental part of empowerment. They will discover the power of knowing what they want, tools to shift from reactive listening to responsible listening and ways to create goals that make their dreams come true.

As they discover their best self, they will be able to support others in doing the same. 

The program will be fun, allow for creativity, focus on sharing and communicating with each other.

Ages 8-10

Thursdays 4:45 - 5:30

January 28th, February 4, February 11

at the home of Jules Hudson