Ever feel like you want to break it down and understand postures? Ever want to crack the code to nailing your handstand? Our workshops exist to give you the tools to practice in a new way and to achieve new levels of mastery, ease, and power in your practice. We invite teachers who are best of the best. They are specialists in their fields and are here to give you all they've got! Join us.


Welcome to Bowspring!
A Workshop with Elisha Jane & Jonathan Boyd

Bowspring is a new methodology of mindful movement medicine. It aligns with modern day science and anatomy to create a functional and dynamic postural form. The Bowspring template aligns the natural curvature of the spine- working to bring our bodies back into their most healthy and optimally fit form. Bowspring keeps your pelvis untucked and maintains your natural lumbar curve. It builds back body strength- in the glutes, hamstrings, and spine. Full body mindfulness and muscle awareness creates a mentally stimulating, dynamic, fluid, curvy, and fun class. 

The 3-hour workshop is an introduction to key alignment principles and techniques, and an opportunity to explore and develop the skillful positioning of the spine that may appear contradictory to traditional forms. Come with an open mind and leave with an open heart.