THEME: equanimity

LAW: commit to growth & shift your vision 

PRACTICE: 45 minutes with one rest day

MEDITATION: 15 minutes twice a day 

DECLARE: one thing you give up AND what are you a YES for

Ever stand in eagle pose cursing as you wobble? It can be so frustrating trying to grip and "get it". And then there are those magical times when you feel the wobble come and you stay anyway - a mini celebration happens in the moment! What if there were more moments like that? 

This week your focus is not on the myth of developing a "balanced life" but rather growing within your life as it is right now. No amount of yoga and meditation is going to take away the need to do the dishes while simultaneously being on the phone and caring for others and and and... However, yoga and meditation CAN give you access to meeting your life as it is right now.

From this place of acceptance is where growth happens. It's not a later kind of thing. Life doesn't happen all reality it's happening now - even as you read this. If you are reading this while checking your phone and sipping coffee and dreaming about what you are going to make for dinner...then welcome to the human race. We're racing alright.

Drishti. Bring it. For real and for once, consume one thing at a time. Shift your vision from scatter brain to all in focus. Looking everywhere, being everywhere, doing everything all at once is a modern dis-ease. Choose what you are doing moment to moment - that's where "balance" is.