THEME: vitality

LAW: step out of your comfort zone & commit to growth

PRACTICE: 30 minutes with one rest day

MEDITATION: 10 minutes twice a day 

DECLARE: one thing you give up AND what are you a YES for


This week is all about reclaiming your vitality - and how you reclaim it is to look for leaks in the boat. Where do you feel unproductive? Where is your energy sapped? What do you procrastinate on and why?  What do you need to say no to? What do you need to say yes to?

Declaring what you are a yes for is like holding up a big ol magnet. If you say "I'm a yes for everything!" well, buckle up my friend, EVERYTHING is coming for you. 

Be specific with what you are a yes for - look underneath words like "abundance", "learning", "confidence" and get more specific. Being a yes for abundance of what for instance? Follow the trail of words that follow...abundance of and land it in your life - your life as it is right now. Look for what you are a YES for right now.  

Once your yes is declared you will know what to say "no" to in order to have space for what you actually want. 

This week focus on:

- What are you a yes for?

- What is in your way?

- What are you willing to drop.

Use the laws of stepping out of your comfort zone and commit to growth to guide you along the way. 

Become a comfort zone and fear busting badass. When you face a turnaround moment where what you actually want is "too tough" and you slide back into your comfort zone, know that the only way out is through. Face your wall of fear and bust through instead of using it as a detour back to the comfort zone. What lies outside of your comfort zone is untapped and unknown possibility!