THEME: presence

LAW: seek the truth

PRACTICE: 20 minutes with one rest day

MEDITATION: 5 minutes twice a day 

DECLARE: one thing you give up (must be a tangible, measurable thing - ie giving up "negative thoughts" isn't tangible, how will you know you've done it? Giving something up that doesn't serve you ie sugar, TV, booze etc... may give you access to many insights!)

Presence, a great place to begin. Always.

You chose this journey because you were present to wanting more in your life. What are you present to now? What are you noticing in your daily life that is both working and not working? Starting with getting real with what you are dealing with is a step towards your personal power. This program won't work with a surface view, you've got to dig deep and look UNDERNEATH what you see. The parts of your life that are going well are to be celebrated, yes,'ve got that part. Now what about the sucky part? Get your courage on, roll up your sleeves and root around for where you feel dragged down, distracted, tired, bored, angry...ohhh all that good stuff.

And the best place to begin is right here, right now. Reading this I'm guessing you're an "all in" kind of person. Yay!

So take this on. Follow the recipe - Baron created this program with years and years of experience. He's one smart dude, check and see if you are already out smarting him and the program? Where you are resistant is where you aren't present. 

Now dive in! It's an exciting journey that has changed thousands of lives. Ready? Set! Now!