Welcome to your 40 day journey! 

This is your personal section to assist you through this potent transformational process. As the Africa Proverb goes, "you can go alone and go fast, or go together and go far." Together we can support each other and I can provide as many tools to assist you along the way. 

This program has proven to change lives and create access to a new kind of vitality and health.

I've seen people change careers, ditch a chip eating habit and even have a long awaited conversation with their dad. The possibilities may not be known yet, and they will reveal themselves. Sometimes it's possible that the gold is where you are most resistant.

The process is most effective when a commitment is made. This is why our weekly meetings are so important. We show up for each other. We have an opportunity to share our victories, our vulnerabilities and what stops us. Sharing is a powerful way of truly knowing we are one but we're not the same (quoting Bono always feels good). 



You have the 40 days to Personal Revolution book. Read it and follow along.

You also have this page as a resource for meditation and yoga practices. Take them with you wherever you may be. And like a tether ball, you have the studio as your base.


Additional practices will be added to this page so keep checking in!

See you on your mat!