Whistler is an amazing hot bed of talent. So many highly skilled people have chosen to live here for the amazing lifestyle and have learned to apply their skills creatively. I came to Whistler out of university and found that it is the perfect place to create whatever I wanted, I just had to make it happen. And whatever I have created I have not done alone. 

White Gold Yoga and the Yoga Jam Events have been fuelled by the generosity of many great hands. These people work hard and I wish HUGE success to them all! 


Robin O'Neill www.robinoneillphotography.com

I approached Robin with a big request. "Wanna come to Africa with me and shoot for free and not know where the results will take you nor will you know what the conditions will be like?" She said yes. She created magic. All photos from Africa were taken by Robin, with poetry, truth and love shining through each one. She is a task master of the highest order, a woman of integrity and discipline. I am forever grateful to her for capturing a life changing trip and for unknowingly elevating Africa Yoga Project in a very big way. 

Darby Magill www.darbymagill.com

Darby is sweet, sensitive and talented. She agreed to shoot a Yoga Jam Event and has since shot 4 more. Darby has made a big  contribution to this community strengthening event. 

Bonny Makarewicz  www.picturewhistler.com

Thanks to Bonny for getting me started. A picture tells a thousand words, and what better way to launch a new Yoga Studio than with some killer photos. 

Jordan Junck www.jordanjunck.com

lululemon athletica is so lucky to have this dude. He masterfully captures the photos of the Ambassadors and gets them looking their best! Thank you for your great mountain top and lake side photos as well as your skilled images from the Yoga Jam Events Jordan! 


lululemon athletica www.lululemon.com  

Where would I be without the brilliant lululemon. Yes I dig their pants, yet what they really cover me in is pure love and support. Being an ambassador for luluemon has been a tremendous honour for me and they have absolutely elevated me and my business to greatness! 

Jody Edgar www.howtoshopify.com

This site was designed by me and created in Shopify. That's the short story. The reality is that this website would not exist without Jody Edgar. He was patient, dedicated and so so helpful in creating this site. As part of his business, Jody has developed How To Shopify, and if you want a super easy, highly adaptive and functional website, he is your man.

really awesome inspiring people

Baron Baptiste  www.baronbaptiste.com

Paige Elenson  www.africayogaproject.org

Pauline Caballero  www.poweryogacanada.com

Ryan Leier  www.oneyoga.ca

Nico Luce  www.oneyoga.ca

Meghan Currie www.megancurrie.ca

Alex Mazerolle www.alexmazerolle.com