I was drawn to Baptiste Yoga because of how it transformed my inner world - pushing me past what I thought were my limits. It gave me strength as a mother, wife, and leader. 

My personal practice grew into a calling to lead others past their own self-imposed limitations. I opened a home studio and people came and keep coming! Over time White Gold Yoga has grown to a vibrant studio with full classes and a team of lit up teachers.

I believe service is the true path of leadership. I express my passion for service through my work as a yoga teacher, teacher trainer and my work with the Africa Yoga project.

In my classes, workshops, and teacher trainings I help others by giving them tools to live big! I am passionate and diligent about personal leadership and I offer simple yet potent tools to declare brilliant lives!

My career as a brand strategist and graphic designer is now focussed on wellbeing and transformational leadership companies. To learn more about what I can do for you and your business please visit www.livebigco.com

 live big!