White Gold Yoga is located in a residence a 10 minute walk from Whistler Village. This studio can hold up to 17 people. We heat the space to approx 90 degrees, an optimal heat to open the body and detox! 

studio guidelines

• Reserve your class to ensure you get a spot! 

• If you are new to the studio, purchase your your class or 2 week intro pass online and then you'll be able to reserve a spot. 

• Arrive a few minutes before practice starts. 

• Bring your own mat if possible (we do have some mats to rent).

• If you can't make it please cancel your class - as simple as reserving. 

• Bring a small towel (some are available for you if you don't have one). 

• Park in the driveway or on the streets as long as parking regulations are followed (WGY is not responsible for tickets or towing).

• The entry door is to the left side of the house. Please leave your shoes and jackets outside.

• Cell phones turned off please.

new to yoga?

Yoga is for everyone! With Baptiste Power Yoga this is proven. This style of yoga is physically demanding yet simple and adaptable. Yoga is a life long practice. It’s not about perfection or performance, it’s about accessing your power, now! Meet your body where it’s at and from this place anything is possible. A compassionate and unstoppable attitude will transform your body and mind! The first few practices you can expect to be sore and of course the best cure for soreness from yoga is more yoga! A solid base of a regular practice more than once a week is ideal to bust through limitations quickly. You will see that you develop core strength, endurance, flexibility and focus that will take your body and life to a new level!

what to wear

Wear athletic clothes that can handle some sweat. Simple clothing that is well fitted (baggy clothes can be cumbersome) are best suited for this practice. 

what to bring

You will need a yoga mat, towel and bottle of water. Mats and towels are provided if you don’t have your own.

yoga and nutrition/hydration

Practice yoga on a fairly empty stomach. Stay hydrated during the day, drinking water during your practice may give you a tummy ache. Drink a lot of water and add electrolytes, especially if you sweat a lot. A headache is often a sign of dehydration, and muscle cramping can indicate low potassium. Try coconut water or Emergen-C to give you a boost.  

yoga and heat

You will sweat! The room is heated to about 34 degrees with some humidity as well. The heat is a natural way for your muscles to stretch and it will help prevent injury. If you are new to yoga you may experience dizziness or nausea but these symptoms will pass and are usually a sign of your body detoxifying. We ask that you pace yourself and take a resting pose if you feel over heated, this allows your body to acclimate to the heat and to practice being with your experience.

you are ready now!

Whatever your yoga experience or your body’s history, yoga is perfect for you now. There is nothing to prepare for, just be ready to get limber and lit up! Whatever your body needs, yoga will provide it - strength, weight loss, calm mind, you name it.