We inspire you to live big!  

Here's how:

1. Body first. Nurture it, ring it out, clear the pipes and listen to it's wisdom....aka, sweaty yoga.  
2. Inquiry and communication. Search for the blocks. Inquire about where you are stuck and either discuss or write about it. 
3. Insight to ACTION. Insight without action is useless. Get support, get a tribe, stay inspired!

At White Gold Yoga we teach from the heart. Our approach to every yoga class is from spirit, connection and getting real. We know that your time is precious and that you are up to big things in your life. Your time with us will be well spent - YOU will be well spent! 

Our promise to you is that you will work hard, sweat and experience a potent sense of community. Our space is small which allows you to be cared for. You will receive plenty of hands on assists to deepen you poses and opportunities to ask questions. You won't be in the back row, well, we don't have a back row. 

We live to support and inspire each and everyone who we encounter - on, and off the mat. Our tools; sweaty power yoga and coaching conversations. 

Our studio is a space where each and every person contributes to the greatness of this studio. The fabric of our community is strengthened when we come together and show up as we are! 



Power Yoga

We teach Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga in a heated room. The practice is perfect for all levels and abilities as our teachers are masterful at adaption. You will sweat. You will be rinsed out. You will smile, heck, even bust out laughing. It's a real deal practice with an amazing community. 

Power Basics

Want to take it slow? Or just new to yoga and would like to ease in? This class is perfect. We base this class on the Baptiste flow but move slower. Basic, and badass.

Power Advanced

Busting out velocity, creativity and power moves, this class is fun and feisty! We will practice more advanced sequencing and challenging poses. This class is for those who want to take their practice to a new level, or those who love to work hard! 

Community Yoga

Join us for a $5 community yoga class! Our recent teacher trainees graduates are eager to step in and serve you! This is their opportunity to hone their teaching skills. All levels welcome! 


Online Class

If you can't make it to the studio, roll out a mat in your home and take a class with Erin Anderson! 

Offering 20 - 45 minute podcast practices that you can do anywhere, anytime!








Kids Yoga Classes

We also offer kids yoga for various ages. 

Check out our schedule and find a class suitable for your child! 



"You create a community environment, a place we feel connected to. We love what you say and how you come across. You are very personal. You also give us a strong powerful flow that creates a perfect balance of strength and flexibility that makes our bodies feel AMAZING!!  -  Brooke and Zac


"I get personal reflection, a physical challenge, and inspiration."  -  Matt


"I come to get personal connection and inspiration, stress release and management plus physical results such as strength building and muscle toning."  -  Joanna


"I have dramatically improved flexibility and strength by consistently being asked to go deeper. I now have the ability to focus energy to be calm during a storm in both practice and personal life. Plus I get personal inspiration!"  -  Jody


"You are the feel good class!" - Joanne


"I feel so grateful to have found White Gold Yoga. Erin's classes are not only a physical workout but also a place to laugh and play. After having two kids I found Erin's words helped me peal away everything else in my life allowing me to rediscover my inner strength and spark for life. I really appreciate that Erin includes a core workout in every class as I take with me a balance between strength and flexibility." – Shelley 


"I was as unyoga like as you can imagine until Erin came along,stiff guy no longer!" – Robbie
Life Changing Experience

"I was coerced by my daughter to go to yoga. I went with the stink face (Erin's words for being negatively stuck) attitude that I was too old, too stiff, too fat, going (begrudgingly) to appease the 'child'.

That was 18months ago! I have been so fortunate to find Erin as a teacher. She gently and subtly combines great physical exercise with mental and spiritual well roundedness.

Erin's energy is infectious and her simple question 'What are you a yes for?' has had a profound impact on me. She is adept at planting messages during practice that apply well beyond the mat while gently encouraging me to challenge my limits.

After 18months - well I'm still old, still on the pudgy side - the changed part is that Erin has given me the opportunity to truly understand that breakthroughs are just a second away when you're a 'yes'! I can now grab my toes, do crow, wheel, headstand and, every once in awhile - assisted handstand. Things I never thought possible until I got 'unstuck'.

Erin is the real deal. By teaching from her heart, providing extra workshops, creating community events she embodies her studio manifesto 'Live Big'!" - Alice

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