Can bend the un-bendable
Love this lady!!!
I've been to yoga maybe three times before practicing with Erin. I found the class before a bit too much "hippy" for me, lack direction and have left feeling like I really haven't done anything at all. Coming from a very strong sports background, I wanted to learn, improve, sweat, and touch my toes with more ease.
I told Erin my hesitation and my reasons for trying again, to try to bend the un-bendable (me) and a friend of mine told me the style on how she teaches is totally different.
She adds thoughtful and insightful life tib--bits into her classes that everyone not only get a workout (never have I come out dry as a bone, so so sweaty...haha). I come out of her classes empowered and lighter in the subconscious. Everything I was thinking before or not making my life better is gone. Plus working on handstands are so much fun!
It's not just for ladies either, she has a "Stiff Guys" class (for the shy guys who don't want to be out shined by the ladies, haha) and makes them work.