Life Changing Experience

"I was coerced by my daughter to go to yoga. I went with the stink face (Erin's words for being negatively stuck) attitude that I was too old, too stiff, too fat, going (begrudgingly) to appease the 'child'.

That was 18months ago! I have been so fortunate to find Erin as a teacher. She gently and subtly combines great physical exercise with mental and spiritual well roundedness.

Erin's energy is infectious and her simple question 'What are you a yes for?' has had a profound impact on me. She is adept at planting messages during practice that apply well beyond the mat while gently encouraging me to challenge my limits.

After 18months - well I'm still old, still on the pudgy side - the changed part is that Erin has given me the opportunity to truly understand that breakthroughs are just a second away when you're a 'yes'! I can now grab my toes, do crow, wheel, headstand and, every once in awhile - assisted handstand. Things I never thought possible until I got 'unstuck'.

Erin is the real deal. By teaching from her heart, providing extra workshops, creating community events she embodies her studio manifesto 'Live Big'!" - Alice