Yoga for the young

By Erin Anderson
Posted in The Real Deal, on September 16, 2013

I started yoga later in my life and each day I practice I am grateful. Yoga heals my sore body, opens me up to humility and love and gives me a profound sense of purpose. I get excited every time I step on my mat, like butterflies in my stomach excited. What will be presented today? What fabulous pose will I attempt? What wonderful surprise of self knowledge will be revealed? And then I think about my kids and I completely melt. What if I could present this amazing tool to them? What if THEY fell in love with yoga - would it serve as a force of protection and love for them beyond what I can offer? Oh how wonderful that would be. And yet, my little beings of fierce personality and choice don't always rush to the mat. They look upon it as another thing they "have to do" and my heart sinks. For them, I won't give up. I will continue to offer broccoli and yoga and hope that one day it glides into them with ease and gratitude. 

For the rest of the community I would like to offer yoga for our young! With three amazing teachers to play with glitter, mandala colouring and floating feathers our kids are in great hands. I happen to know some very eager kids out there who ask me if they can come to yoga EVERYDAY (I nod and say "word girl, word.)

It is with great pride and gratitude I present Joanna Berringer, Crystal Brown and Zoey Stimpson who will teach something they are truly passionate about. Kids can register for the 6 week program or drop in to a class. The schedule for kids yoga is:

Mondays  |  ages 3 - 5  |  4:00 pm with Joanna Berringer

Tuesdays  |  ages 6 - 8  |  4:00 pm with Zoey Stimpson

Wednesdays  |  teen yoga  |  4:00 pm with Crystal Brown (who is the fabulous photographer of the images!!)

Join us!


hi I’m Sophie Shauna’s daughter I’m interested in taking a yoga class are you setting one up again this year?

Shauna on September 08, 2014

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