By Erin Anderson
Posted in The Real Deal, on December 09, 2015

Santa is a busy guy, with a demanding, fast-paced job.

There’s a lot of responsibility providing gifts for all the children in the world. And it could be stressful maintaining his high standards of keeping a list, checking it twice, knowing who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. Not to mention keeping all the elves in check! I’m sure there are a few rebels in the bunch who arrive late for a shift , the ones who turn up a little hung over after too many rum and eggnogs the night before and the ones who don’t pay attention and put the legs on a batch of dolls backwards. Not to mention the reindeer – Rudolph usually keeps them in check, and he has a mischievous side as well, liking to hide Santa’s boots in the mornings.

With all this going on, and in your life a lot more, this holiday season, making time to practice mindfulness becomes even more important. Whether it’s through meditation, yoga on your mat, walking the dog in the freshly fallen snow or taking some intentional deep breathes of clean mountain air every time you sit on the chair lift. Making time for yourself is so important. Not solely for your peace of mind and well-being, also those around you benefit too!

Imagine if Santa didn’t take time for meditation and clear out? The proverbial lumps of coal might take on a whole new meaning.

Happy Holidays, 



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