Get out there and make a difference!

By Erin Anderson
Posted in The Real Deal, on June 21, 2013

During my childhood, my mother would usher me out the door on my way to school and chime "Have a great day! Now, get out there and make a difference!" I didn't fully understand and would give her a thin smile back and trudge on. It wasn't until I was a year into fundraising for the Africa Yoga Project that I understood what she was saying. Making a difference happens "out there" and comes from "in here". Long ago, seeds were planted. They grew within me and found a way to be expressed. I have been so graced with the opportunity to give back with passion and ease to a project I believe in with all my heart. 

And along the way I met a young girl who's seeds of contribution came to bloom at 12 years old. I've known her all her life. Her mother Danielle has been my mentor, employer and dear friend during my 17 year graphic design career. It's no big surprise that Ayden had the amazing idea to host her birthday party at a Yoga Jam Event and donate all the money to Africa Yoga Project instead of getting gifts. She inspired her friends to celebrate in a new way. Her younger sister was moved by this suggestion and at her 10th birthday party the month before collected money which she proudly handed to me.

Ayden and her sister Ryan modelled what it is to give to get. They are out there, making a difference and I'm so proud to have witnessed it. Here are some beautiful photos taken by my sweet friend Crystal Brown at the latest Yoga Jam Event. Enjoy, and get out there and make a difference! 


And are you ever making a difference, Erie. Like ripples on a pond, your example is inspiring others as well. How proud we both are of you!

Mum on June 22, 2013

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