When a goal is missed

By Erin Anderson
Posted in The Real Deal, on June 03, 2013

Well today I must come clean. The Whistler half marathon was this weekend and as many of you know, I boldly declared some months ago that I would run it! This clear setting of a goal was a great way for me to lace up and get my yoga addicted butt out there. I learned a thing or two along the way. 

For me, running is soul food. It's fertilizer for inspiration. Running is commune with nature. Running is not easy and it can hurt if I don't take good care of my body. I'm grateful for the many trots in the woods and I was kidding myself if I thought I was "training".

When I knew without a doubt that I wasn't ready to run 21 kms, I nonchalantly mentioned to some of my loyal students that, "nah, I'm not running the half, maybe I'll do the 10k". This was met with sheer horror as a big gap in integrity. I had spent the year touting the benefits of visions and goals. I had lead goal coaching sessions and here I am saying I wasn't going to complete one of my goals. 

I found myself swinging from wanting to hide to wanting to defend. Was this goal going to be like a tether ball swinging back to smack me? Am I "wrong" for not achieving a goal? Now this is nothing new, there have been MANY goals I've set out to achieve and not done. Many times I've slithered out of commitments - what's new is that I have a group of people who look to me for guidance. 

So here's what I did do. I gave my entry away to a very eager runner named Nadine. She ran like the wind with possibility and grace at her back! I ran my own 10k...happy as can be. 

There are a few steps that I took to restore myself. 

  1. Make a counter offer: When a goal cannot be met a counter offer must be made to keep integrity. My counter offer was to run the 10 km.
  2. Dedication: I knew that running any distance would be a challenge for me so I dedicated it to my brother who is battling cancer. I ran every step for him. 
  3. Redemption: Fess up, tell the truth without heavy meaning. A goal is neither right nor wrong. 
  4. Recommit: As my teacher Baron Baptiste says "so what, now what?" I declare what I'm committed to - creation, collaboration, love and community. I'm committed to seeing goals as something to inspire me, something to strive for, something to aim for. I commit to stretching my boundaries and reaching HIGH. 

I will continue to declare my goals. I am humbly aware that goals are not achieved with luck, rather with persistence, hard work, preparation and clear focus. Most of all, I don't want to do it alone. I love and appreciate my community and all those around me who are striving for greatness in their own lives. You inspire me every day. 

Please join me at White Gold Yoga, where we share our visions and dreams. We share our wins and losses, laughter and tears. We stand for remembering who we really are. 

With love, I will see you on your mat!


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