A passionate fire

By Erin Anderson
Posted in The Real Deal, on March 09, 2013

I'm passionate about teaching yoga. More than that, I'm passionate about speaking the truth. I love Power Yoga for simple reason that it's more difficult to hide, pretend or fake it. Teaching Power Yoga and asking people to step up and face their edge takes something, and how could I do it if I lulled them there falsely. No, that would be trickery. I need to step up to the edge and curl my toes over, reach my arms up and gaze to the vast sky above.

I came across this poem and it spoke so perfectly to how I feel about yoga and teaching. I'm burning up with love and enjoying a daily practice of clearing out my "sooty knowledge". I hope you join me, on your mat or otherwise, it's a very fun ride.  

“If you prefer smoke over fire 

then get up now and leave. 

For I do not intend to perfume 

your mind’s clothing 

with more sooty knowledge. 

No, I have something else in mind. 

Today I hold a flame in my left hand 

and a sword in my right. 

There will be no damage control today. 

For God is in a mood 

to plunder your riches and 

fling you nakedly 

into such breathtaking poverty 

that all that will be left of you 

will be a tendency to shine. 

So don’t just sit around this flame 

choking on your mind. 

For this is no campfire song 

to mindlessly mantra yourself to sleep with. 

Jump now into the space 

between thoughts 

and exit this dream 

before I burn the damn place down.” 



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