A community of the spirit

By Erin Anderson
Posted in The Real Deal, on February 16, 2013


Community Practice

Last night White Gold Yoga hosted the first 10 buck Longhouse PowerJam community practice. The event was created to share what White Gold Yoga has to offer beyond our small space. We agreed that we couldn't bare turning anyone away for our funnest class of the week!. When asked "how many mats can you fit?" the answer usually goes like this: "well, 12 is normal, 15 is community and 17 gets weird". 

So instead of getting weird, why not bust out into a different location? Whistler's Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Center has always supported yoga and has been generous with their space as a venue for my Yoga Jam Events which raise funds for the Africa Yoga Project. They offered up their Longhouse which has a sweat lodge/art gallery feel to it. The grainy wood walls tell stories of the forest while the colourful aboriginal masks hang over us with mysterious tales. An eagle perches watching knowingly as we shape shift to mimic this great master. We are surroundedby the great wisdom of our ancestors as we carry our own living legacy of yoga. This to me is a perfect match. 

And as we merge the ancient with the gathering of our community, a great spirit emerges. For what I witnessed, I am ever grateful. Thank you all for showing up bright and letting your great spirits converge! Let's do it again! 

Rumi says it best in his poem "A Community of the Spirit"

There is a community of the spirit

Join it and feel the delight.

of walking the noisy street

and being the noise.

Drink all of your passion

and be a disgrace.

Close both eyes 

and see with the other eye.

Open your hands if you want to be held

Sit down in this circle.

Quit acting like a wolf 

and feel the shepherd's love filling you.

Be empty of worrying 

think of who created thought!

Why do you stay in prison 

when the door is wide open?

Move outside the tangle of fear-thinking

live in silence.

Flow down and down into ever widening rings of being.

- Rumi


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