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By Erin Anderson
Posted in The Real Deal, on January 21, 2013

Meet Billy Sadia of Africa Yoga Project. A dancer, choreographer, father, teacher, yogi and mentor. His body moves with the most incredible combination of fluidity and staccato precision. He shoulders never stop moving. His head flicks from side to side when he dances. His body is meant to move. The joy that comes from every cell in his body is undeniable and it's contagious. Billy tried to teach me how to dance...well, let's just say I'll stick to yoga. And yoga is my bliss!

If this image epitomizes bliss for Billy, what does bliss look like for you? Is there a shape in your body? Is there an activity? A purpose? Who are the people with you while you are following your bliss? This is also another way to say "follow your vision". What are you doing to be in action today to get what you want tomorrow? 

Write your vision of you in 10 years, dream big, bold and specific! When you read it back to yourself, what comes to mind as a theme? Is there something you can do today that will be a direct line to your future self? Is there an activity that creates a thread throughout your life? Do it. Do it now.

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Erie, This is such an inspired posting. I have to tell you that my vision in 10 years is to take Lily to some exotic spot in the world on a grand trip – and maybe her Mum too. What do you think? Good idea? I think it’s big, bold and specific.

Love love love love love

Mum on January 21, 2013

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