The simplicity of being present

By Erin Anderson
Posted in The Real Deal, on January 08, 2013

I'm so grateful yoga opened my eyes to the simplicity of being present. 

I've often felt like a giant wad of velcro. I kept picking stuff up along the way, most of it junk that either didn't belong to me or that I didn't  need. I spent many years trying to figure it out, operative word "trying". Figuring it out looked like a lot of naval gazing, talking about it, and blaming my family. Poor them, they didn't know what was being stuck to me! And what's the point of looking back and blaming? Why try and analyze my family dynamics, my genetic heritage, my great grandfather's drinking problem, like, really? 

My journey into a simpler life began the first day on my mat with Baron Baptiste I was completely blown away by his striking presence, his commanding voice and his powerful presence. My ears were open and I was ready to hear him. He simply asked us to "get present!" Oh...ding! The light goes on and all the cockroaches flee. I get it! Get present! Nothing to do, nothing to fix, no bugs to squash, what a revelation! Once I got that, I was on to something big. With letting go of "figuring it out" I realized I had some space to give back! 

I always wondered why yogis were such service oriented people. The reason is simple, they get present. We have the space to see, stand for and support each other. It becomes easy to do. Naval gazing and talking about "it" can be draining...on everyone. 

With dropping "figuring it out" what have you got space for? From here and now, what it possible? I hope you find the space to create, the permission to be still, the grace to love and the will to give back. The world needs you, now. 


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