Dream with care

By Erin Anderson
Posted in The Real Deal, on January 02, 2013

I have fallen in love with writing a vision and creating goals.

This is thanks to the amazing influence of lululemon in my life. I am fortunate enough to be an ambassador for them which is a sweet deal that's for sure. Their core mission is to elevate the world from mediocrity to greatness, and well, that's something I can get behind. Plus they know a little something on how to make behinds look good. Win/win.

Goal setting and vision creation is spearheaded by their Director of Possibility, Susanne Conrad, whom I've had the great pleasure to meet and be trained by. Her masterpiece iGolü helps individuals and entire companies achieve their goals. She's the real deal. She is the perfect example of a person who shares fully, creates happiness around her and lives in FULL EXPRESSION (yes that needed to be in shouty capitals). 

It is with all the tools I have gathered up from the teachings of Susanne and my trainings with Baron Baptiste that I will dive deeper into the realm of goal setting. I am enjoying creating my own, and I'm passionate about helping others create theirs. 

January 15th is the start of White Gold Yoga's first 30 day challenge complete with goal setting workshops. It'll be like no other 30 day challenge. Each week goal setting workshops will progressively create clarity and you will have a complete set of goals to help guide you through your year. Each of you will clear the space to dream big and create the life you've always wanted!

I love what Xavier Rudd says in his beautiful song "follow the sun"...and it's all yoga to me.

Breath, breath in the air

set your intention 

dream with care.

Tomorrow is a new day, for everyone. 

So which way is the wind blown'? 

and what does your heart say?

Join me in setting your intention for 2013 and I will handle your dreams with ultimate care. 

Big love,


Photos are by Anastasia Chomlack taken at the recent Yoga Jam Event in Whistler. 


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