Livin' pretty

By Erin Anderson
Posted in The Real Deal, on December 14, 2012

I'm fresh back from the mind blowing Level 3 Teacher Training with Baron Baptiste and co-facilitator Suzanne Conrad. This training was like drinking from a fire hose. I'm busy digesting. So many powerful tools were delivered and I've got them piled up to my chin on my lap ready to carefully put them into my shelf. I'm having fun sorting through them all and smiling to myself for the many ah-ha moments during the training. I am so grateful for the process Baron has created - his trainings WORK. The proof is in the sheer excellence that was gathered in the room. 90 brilliant stars, all very accomplished, bright, respected and experienced sat in the seat of vulnerability and open heartedness. Each person was a yes for growth. A yes for service. A yes for each other. Being a part of a training at this level gave me such hope that our world is in good hands. 

If there was one way that I know I can be of service it's to be "above the line". Suzanne Conrad shared a simple exercise where we wrote all the ways we are in reaction, ways we judge, condemn, blame, lie, point fingers etc below a line. Above the line we wrote the ways we rise above all that through love, generosity, patience, faith, honesty, trust and anger. This simple exercise tuned my ability to hear myself, hear how disempowering I am when I am below the line. And it the time. I became acutely aware of the many ways I react or judge - in line ups, with my children, with my body, with the weather, and on and on. It's tempting to get overwhelmed, but then I look at this picture and I smile. 

Jamie and Samantha and I had a GREAT chuckle about what we look like when we're below the line. It's not so pretty sometimes, right? So I giggle and move on up. Above the line is nice, open, airy, warm and full of love. Ahhhh so pretty. Everything and everyone starts to look better too!

Ok, I'm off to hit my mat. Can't wait to share more. 




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