40 days + sweat + tears + laughter = breakthrough!

By Erin Anderson
Posted in The Real Deal, on November 19, 2012

White Gold Yoga's 40 Days to a Personal Revolution program wrapped up Saturday leaving 14 people with a clear vision of who they are and what they're up to! This empowering process of daily yoga, meditation, diet awareness and inquiry works. Just ask Joanna! 

How a small room has opened up HUGE SPACE in my life.

I am writing to acknowledge and appreciate the impact that a very small room has had on my life. This room has been a large focus for me for the past 40 days; a place of inspiration, dedication, community, love, sweat and tears. It has been a place where people have come together to celebrate each other as real people, a place where the door is always open and a place where I have been encouraged to ‘Live Big’. This small room which is up to BIG THINGS is White Gold Yoga in Whistler, and its empowered and inspiring leader and owner is Erin Anderson. I would like to express all the gratitude in the world to her and the other teachers and students that make this small room beam with so much light. A community has been built in this small room and anyone is welcome. So, if you would like to change your life, shift your way of being or learn to play again, come to White Gold Yoga, and expect your limits to be expanded!

~ Joanna Berringer

Joanna is one of the 14 who dove in, not knowing what was ahead. This process is unlike any yoga challenge out there. it's about embodying how and why yoga works as a whole being, physical, spiritual, and emotional. This process is much more than skin deep, it's about unveiling your true essence.  

If you are interested in embarking on YOUR personal revolution and would like more information please email erin@whitegoldyoga.com. The next program will be this spring with limited registration!

Be up to big things by discovering how to get out of your own way. What would be possible for you? The world wants to know!


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