SUP love and respect

By Erin Anderson
Posted in The Real Deal, on August 19, 2012

OK I admit, I love my yoga straight up. I like a warm studio, I like to line my mat up with the wood grain and, I like to get to it. I like straight talk, no mystical references, no disconnected weird tales of yoga teacher's pontifications, no saccharine niceties. Plus, I've never really felt that my yoga practice needed to be challenged by any force other than gravity, and I admit that I don't like to be distracted. 

Call it growth or evolution, but I've started to take my practice out on a saunter. Yoga and I have been playing outdoors. We've been on a dock with the ducks curiously swimming by and the sun pricking my skin, we've with the birds and the tickling of grass. Distractions, but kinda sweet actually. 

My latest venture out with Yoga has been onto a stand up paddle board (SUP). Yeah this straight up yoga girl did something I considered gimmicky. This is where the SUP board and mother nature conspire to toss a wave my way as I'm teetering in warrior one and sent for a splash. Gimmicky no more, respect! Suddenly the poses I've almost become ho hum about are brand new. Try standing in tree pose on that sucker and you'll likely have a dip. Well I like a challenge. Today I rocked crow for a nanosecond feeling like a champ! Tomorrow...who knows, crescent lunge! 

This is ultimately what I love about Yoga, once I feel "I've got it" there's always anotherlevel. Now while Yoga and I have been enjoying our little adventure, I'm beyond excited to get back into the studio where I can OCD my mat into the perfect place and confidently sweat out a Baptiste sequence that I love so dearly. 

White Gold Yoga, I miss you and I can't wait to be back!!

If you want to try SUP Yoga check out Kristy Wright at SUP Vancouver or see her at Wanderlust! I'll do my best to figure it out and bring it to Whistler this September! Watch for workshops on the website. 

With love from Lake of the Woods! Erin 


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