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By Erin Anderson
Posted in The Real Deal, on July 13, 2012

It's been a while since my last post. It hasn't been for lack of inspiration that's for sure! I spent a week at a Baptiste Training in Sedona Arizona with 164 other people recently and found it to be a hot bed for real dealers. It's amazing how the Baptiste community is a magnet for those interested in taking themselves on and getting down and real. I met some incredibly inspiring people who I will write more about in the next while.

As I sit today, sweltering inside my home, I am compelled to write about one real deal experience I just had. Let me preface by reminding you that I think EVERYTHING is Yoga. And yoga to me is about empowerment, breath, expression, communication and creativity. I've been very aware of how powerfully our words impact people, especially in a yoga class. My words must be impeccable in order to access a deeper listening and inspire growth. That's what I'm up to, that's what lights me up. 

So how about those who's skills are non verbal? Like say a massage therapist? They deal with us in a state of pure vulnerability of lying on a table, naked, exposed. Today I had a yogic experience on the massage table in the very loving hands of Shannon Berrow. She expertly heard the messages from my body and responded. She took me to the edge of pain and showed me the possibility of freedom. The way she communicated with me through her massage ability was essential, impeccable and effective. That's yoga! 

I'm kinda selling her, ok, totally selling her. She's that good. I am picky, so take my word. I believe that our bodies contain our essence and power, why not care deeply for it. Like dusting off the headlights so you can get a clear view. Care for yourself, you totally deserve it. 


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