Yoga as poetry

By Erin Anderson
Posted in The Real Deal, on May 20, 2012

Yoga is poetry, and if ever there was a master of prose in short shorts, it is Meghan Currie. Her words bubble up, tickling your nose as she speaks. Her effortless words guide us into beautiful, elegant, sweat-dripping poses. Who knew that in a challenging power vinyasa flow I'd find myself "tickling the floor with my fingers" and "slingshotting my heart upward" as she suggested. 

On my quest to discover the real deal I have always known she's it, but I am certain that I'm only scratching the surface. Slowly I have come to learn that she's passionate about our planet, what we eat and how scent evokes feelings. I have also learned that she's one hell of an artist. She is the trifecta of perfection in my "if-only-I-could-be" dreamland. And what I think I like best about her, is that last statement would make her absolutely squirm. Modesty is at the core of all real-dealers. I suspect what's also at the heart of this pixie poet is the pure love of yoga. And included in her yoga is art, music, food and dance. 

I am particularly grateful that she said yes to teaching at the latest Yoga Jam Event. She and Ryan Leier (dream team) delivered what I can only describe as a yoga dance party. It was lovingly delivered and deliciously memorable. Darby Magill captured these frames of her busting out during her 3 minute and 8 second "warm up song". Talk about not taking yoga too seriously! I suspect she approaches a canvas the same way, letting the brush dance and letting the paint take its perfectly articulated form. She is no accident, no fluke, just real talent bottled up in a super cute package.  

You must experience Meghan if you haven't already. Find her! She's worth the buckets of sweat you'll happily leave at her tippy toes. 


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