oh if only I had yoga as a kid...

By Erin Anderson
Posted in The Real Deal, on April 30, 2012

Yoga bit me at the perfect time I suspect. Yet I wonder what it would have been like with yoga as a companion through the brambles of my teen years. I tried most sports, art, drama, juggling...nothing really stuck. I grew up with a family of legendary sportsmen and women with epic accomplishments that I never felt I could live up to. I admit I nursed a nasty case of the body image blues to really take myself out. 

I had my share of amazing loves from horses to ripppin' deep powder. Nothing really stole my heart like yoga did. I get everything I need, want, hope and desire from yoga. And the more I dive in the more I love myself. And when I think about that statement, all I want is for my kids to say the same thing. I want to give them the same opportunity to let yoga do it's wonders. 

How can I not share the one thing that landed me in the lap of the one thing I had been searching for all my life? Peace. 

Send your kids to yoga - they will thank you, maybe not today but absolutely one day they will. 


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