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By Erin Anderson
Posted in The Real Deal, on April 22, 2012

This weekend I had the great honour to spend two days with Dana Trixie Flynn from NYC's Laughing Lotus. It was great timing for me. I was feeling drained and empty and needed to recharge. I know that yoga is a deep well for me to draw upon, so that's where I go. And that's where I met Dana. 

As a mother, graphic designer and yoga teacher, I give. I live to be of service. I'm building my life upon the foundation of empowering others. But who am I for others if I don't fuel myself? I can only give what I have. As Dana said, all good teachers are great learners. I got to thinking, how many other yoga teachers, mothers, service providers out there are feeling like I do? How many others are out there feeling thin in their offerings? To me it seems obvious that as we give and give there will come a time to refuel or the offerings become either robotic or fake. AKA "the real deal" is lost. 

I'm not sure how Dana Flynn refuels herself, but it's clear that there is an abundance of bubbly, sparkling, soulful source for her to draw upon. She IS THE REAL DEAL! Her workshops were like listening to a story being told as a long line of music, while grooving my body into all kinds of beautiful shapes. Dana moved us into poses she cultivated from her personal desire and need to be authentic. She loves to dance. She is devotional. She is free. This is what Dana offers. We shape shifted into posses she called "rainbow warrior" and "Oh My God!". I am certain that she is the real deal because not once did I feel she had something to "teach us". Dana honoured us by offering all of herself. Pure authenticity. 

Wake up everyone! When the real deal comes to town, show up! This is the education our world needs. Dana is teaching us to be free! Who needs to be bound by knowledge and rigidity? We know enough. We need to dance. We need to express ourselves truthfully.

Dana made a difference in my life and I am grateful, she should know that.  

Who are the people that fuel you? How do you recharge yourself? 

I know that I've tapped into something special and soaked in every bit of it, so come to me, let me give it to you! 


Such perfectly written Erin. Free, spread your wings a be free!!!
Dana made a huge difference in my life as well, you used the word Authentic and that is what resonates most.

aili on April 27, 2012

Well said, Erie

me on April 25, 2012

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