Drop appearances and get real

By Erin Anderson
Posted in The Real Deal, on April 16, 2012

Every once in a while I get all fired up about something...the latest is the notion that some yogis are driven to be models and not role models. It's a very interesting debate that I have with myself; about how we as entrepreneurial yogis put ourselves "out there". This is really no different for anyone working for themselves (and I'd even suggest that EVERYONE works for themselves on some level). I know one thing, there is no formula, no golden rule on how to generate business, get your name out there or cultivate a following. And yet, I find myself clear and passionate that I am more about digging down to the truth and being of service to others than about getting my mug on the cover of a magazine. Now some people may take offence to this, and I say awesome! What I like about reactions is that they trigger either a big block or a big source of passion. 

My reaction to the media in yoga has made me clear on what I want to create in my life and work. I want to create something that matters. I want to be a catalyst for change. I want to be of service to the growth and transformation in peoples lives. This is a grand statement - I know. And I have big dreams for how I am going to create this possibility in my life and work. I have a desire which I find both frustrating and invigorating. And am I walking the talk? I know that I take myself on, that I am both aware and in action and that I've got so much to learn.

What motivates me is seeing the spark in someone's eyes. What matters to me is happiness, mine and other's. Getting there can sometimes be messy. What I know is that messy is real. Messy is courageous. Dropping the act and getting to the truth is very very cool. The fluffy stuff is boring. The fake smile and the word "fine" I admit bug me. I would rather be a part of a struggle than a cover up. I'd even more like to be a part of an unveiling of deep raw truth. 

I would love to hear what matters to you? I would love to hear what inspires you, what motivates you, what fires YOU up? This is the kind of conversation that moves me. This is what matters. You matter. 

In the meantime I've seen some pretty real stuff in the studio. There is something to working hard, sweating, and courageously staying in a pose that shows the truth. It is absolutely beautiful how masks drop, stuff peels away and spirits shine through a powerful practice. 

Come on, leave it all on the mat. Drop appearances and get real, it's a beautiful thing. We'll do it together. 


I really souhld have written a testimonial a long time ago about my yoga instructor, Roxanne Banta. I say MY yoga instructor because I was her first student, and am still a loyal follower. I was lucky enough to be used as a guinea pig before she taught classes. I have enjoyed watching (or shall I say experiencing) her grow as a teacher from day one. I’m so lucky to be a part of her classes and gain knowledge from her serious yogi skills. However, I do miss the free private classes in her studio apartment living room, even if I did get poked in the eye from time to time. Her class is fast paced and will kick your ass but she is still aware of newbies and helps them through the beginning stages of yoga. Roxy lets you be where your body is that day, giving modifications so that you don’t push so hard. Although, when she gets to know you, she can tell when you’re slacking off and will call you on it, as I have been many times before. Roxy is constantly learning new ways to teach and keep her classes fresh, by going to Yoga Journal for a business trip or taking Teacher’s Training with Shiva Rae. I know this because I have taken care of her cat, Bruce when she has been out of town. I am not just saying all of this because she is one of my best friends. I am writing this testimonial because I can now touch my forehead to my knees, hold standing bow pose without looking ridiculous, do countless numbers (ok .maybe 10) of pushups at a time, have perfected my chaturangas, and will hopefully have awesome arms for my wedding dress in October of this year. Thank you Roxy for being my friend, my Maid of Honor, and my kick ass yoga instructor!

Fcbarcelona on May 16, 2012

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