Share Your Shine!

By Erin Anderson
Posted in The Real Deal, on April 12, 2012

We are in our final 4 days of the 40 Days to a Personal Revolution Program at White Gold Yoga. It's been a powerful process! This week our focus is TRIUMPH and sharing our shine. Baron Baptiste has masterfully planned out this journey and each of has has experienced it in our own way. I feel lit up and ready to share everything I got from leading this program.

The concept of Share Your Shine is resonating with me deeply. It's as if those words specifically describe the foundation that my studio was built on. I can't say it any better. I have always loved the deep connection to myself and to others that I get from Yoga.  I feel strongly that if the joy and benefits of yoga are kept locked up they will die. So I've created an environment where each participant is honoured on their own journey and where there is permission and space to share, collaborate and shine. 

I'm blessed to have amazing, bright, spunky students who are not shy to giggle, groan or laugh out loud. This is the spontaneity that can't be suppressed, it's too good to hush out. Often we come together in a shared experience through partner work. One of my students often says "everything is better with a friend". Brilliant and so simple! So come, practice, play and share your shine. And then what would it be like if you shared what you got out of your yoga practice with someone in your life? Declaring what you got out loud can be powerful and totally inspiring to others. Your shine is more potent than you think! 



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