By Erin Anderson
Posted in The Real Deal, on April 02, 2012

My dream has come true. My wee studio is full of ignited people up to big things in their lives. I owe any success I've had to the training I've had by my teacher Baron Baptiste

Baron offers so much more than learning how to chaturanga. He taught me to look deeper, show up clear and real and to be a stand for the greatness in others. Within 5 minutes of my first training with him I knew I was in the right place. He spoke to a longing I have had all my life, a desire to be powerfully of service. And it's happening now. I get to be creative, powerful, playful and loving - every day. This is the BEST job I could ever ask for. 

So what did I get from my training that I apply in my life and teaching? I got that authenticity feels amazing. I got that suffering is the story, pain is what happened. I got that there's nothing to do or fix, I choose myself and my world as all good. I got how powerful clear and precise language works. I felt in my body the difference between power and effort. I got that if I want to be a 10 in the world I need to show up as a 20. 

My intention is to give all I've got to whoever walks through my doors. I may provoke with love and you will sweat. And I believe that each drop of sweat will create a ripple effect in our lives. I believe that each conscious breath fans the fire of possibility. 
I hope to pass on all that I got through my incredible experience with Baron, the Baptiste Community and the Africa Yoga Project. I've been inspired by some unstoppable people who dig deep to create big ripples of change in the world. That's what I'm up to, creating possibility in the wee studio and out to the whole big world. Join me!


Great website!!! . And I love the Yogalicious copncet .well thought out and marketed!!! Looking forward to getting to know you better in 2012 and looking forward to seeing you at class today even though I am SO SORE from Monday’s class. Expect to see me doing a lot of stretching ,and not as much flow today but I’m going to get myself there to try and work out some of this lactic acid!

Atakan on May 13, 2012

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