A Revolution is underway!

By Erin Anderson
Posted in The Real Deal, on March 31, 2012

We are 4 ½ weeks in on the 40 days to a Personal Revolution at White Gold Yoga. Fifteen participants jumped into the unknown and said yes. So did I. 

Baron Baptiste has crafted a masterful program that guides us into deep awareness of our bodies, minds and lives. We have been progressively diving deeper into daily yoga, meditation, diet observation and asking provoking questions about our way of being.

I’m so privileged to lead this group. Each participant has been challenged, faced resistance and even had some breakdowns. And despite moments of absolute discomfort, they stay in it. I can see a yoga pose everywhere. This program has moments like being in frog pose (deep hip opener), deep opening can be very uncomfortable let’s face it! And while in the pose, the moment we want to come out is the moment great breakthroughs occur. Maybe, maybe not, but there is absolutely something to learn. Who am I being? Who am I for others? What am I creating? These questions are easy when we are breezing through life, and can be confronting when we’re squirming , avoiding or flailing.

 So far I’ve described this program as one mother of a frog pose. And yes, discomfort is part of growth. But consider what it’s like coming out of frog pose, it’s like a giant wave of relief and release. It’s like there’s nothing binding us anymore.  It’s as if nothing is in the way of our shining being. This program, and my intention is to create a big opening so that there are no blocks in the way to living a BIG life.

Just mid way through the program here’s what I’ve heard:

“I can touch my toes, and I’m starting to have real conversations!”

“I’m putting action to my complaints!”

“Giving something up was way easier than I thought!”

This group is up to big things, watch out Whistler, a REVOLUTION is happening right now!


jennifer winzelerI beveile in my heart of hearts that real growth. Permanent transformation, never takes place as a result of beating ourselves into submission. It is not until we beveile beyond a doubt that we are accepted and loved no matter what (by ourselves) that the truest parts of our being stop hiding and come out to play. And this is when it really gets good. Mmmmmmm. Really good. Sure. Take a good hard look at where you are. What it all looks like and feel the feelings that come up as a result, but stay safe in all your judgements surrounding it, without moving through the pain anger resentment to a place of forgiveness and you miss the gift as well as stifle your growth and risk knowing and allowing others to know your truest self.Such a fine line between getting real and getting real.

Lucas on May 13, 2012

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