Expect a miracle.

By Erin Anderson
Posted in The Real Deal, on September 16, 2015

Two words that I never thought I would put together in a sentence; Expect and Miracle.

After over 5 years of teaching and leading at White Gold yoga and around the world, I've seen a thing or two. Yoga offers a quiet space for some truth to emerge. Some of what bubbles up in a yoga class may not be so desirable, it may be downright ugly. It's the unlucky ones who have that experience and never come back to their mat to work through it. 

Over the past 5 years at the studio, I've been privileged with regular students who return again and again to the fire of transformation. The lucky ones feel more, experience a depth into their being and allow another soul to see them as they are. This is where the magic is. 

I've also seen the students who have journeyed inwards and have reflected what they see out into the world in an attached, almost grip like way. They have declared themselves as some way of being, some title, some limiting description. Have you done that? Declared yourself to be "stiff" or "a dreamer" or "type a"? What would be possible if you dropped that and simply sat, looked around and received all the grace that is being offered to you? It's possible you've been so busy being all about you that you've missed it.

One of our sweet students shared with me that she had a massive ah-ha moment where she knew deep down what her next step is in life. This was a huge moment for her as she'd been stuck for a long time. She had the light behind her eyes and the giddy lilt in her speech as she explained her breakthrough.

I asked, "what happened?" She went on to say that she had a conversation with a dear friend who had been long suffering but had breakthrough in her relationship. She was ecstatic! But what her friend didn't know was that her breakthrough contributed to a powerful realization in another person. Our sweet student modelled what it is to be in full listening for others and only then did she receive the full impact of the moment. 

The unlucky one would have self reflected, given trite praise and congratulations and gone back to their committed complaints. Not our girl. She stood in the winds of grace and had them carry her forward. It truly works like that. 

Lift your head, look around, see people for the miracle they are. Maybe, just maybe if you truly listen, you may have the breakthrough you've been waiting for. 

But first, be the space for a miracle to happen to someone else. Who can you give to anonymously right now with no hesitation? Do it, it could be exactly what they were waiting for. 

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