What would you do for a grand?

By Erin Anderson
Posted in The Real Deal, on March 14, 2015

This morning I woke up wanting to manifest money. Yes, good old cold hard cash. And then the very next question was "how?".

Then I started to think, if someone were to pay me $1000, what would I want to do for it? What skills do I value? What do I accomplish naturally, every day, with joy and passion? Is it possible that I may take it's worth for granted? Would I like to be paid for doing that? Pretty amazing question right? 

For those of us who are multi-skilled, big-hearted and creative, this question plagues us. 

What great skill, passion or drive do you have right at your fingertips that you may not have seen clearly? A good question to ask is, what do you do that makes you feel alive? Look in the arena of your daily conversations - perhaps it's lifestyle and diet, perhaps it's politics, could it be the environment? Often our greatest passion is masked by what sounds like a complaint. What you care most about gets you wound up. Look there. 

What get's me wound up and excited? Make thought provoking words and pretty things fly into your email box does it for me baby. I care about what I craft. I feel alive as I type.  Suddenly I feel rich. Ah wealth, the wonderful concept of fulfilment that must be present before any green stuff fills up a bank account. 

See, I feel rich when I get curious, express what I feel, and share with people I love. 

What makes you come alive? What's at your fingertips? The world needs your passion and unique skill. Bring it!

With love,


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