The Story or the GLORY!

By Erin Anderson
Posted in The Real Deal, on March 05, 2015

As life unfolds, our many experiences both good and bad create our story. I’ve spent some time examining the concept of “story” and how it impacts us and others.

As a communicator, teaching yoga or through the design work I do, I have a great respect for a powerful story. There are many that I tell in the interest of inspiration. They are stories of my own direct experience that I’m able to convert to a nugget that can be universally understood. I’ve also re-told stories I’ve heard from survivors, game changers, underdogs and downright heros.

Yet what about the stories that are kept? The ones that feel too prickly or icky to tell? What kind of hold do they have on us? And how do they affect others when they leak out or worse, are used as weapons? I have a few such stories that if they came out of my mouth they would land on the floor and flop around like a spiky slimy fish wanting to get back in the murky water.

Those kinds of stories I’ve come to identify as the “un-converted” (grammar people forgive me). These are the stories of unforgiveness, of injustice, right vs wrong, denial and suffering. As humans, we all have em. It’s the courageous ones who examine them, ask for help and convert them into a tale of personal victory. It is the wise ones who can move forward with vulnerability and empathy while being the space for others to heal.

Here’s what you need to know about the stuck story: It’s in the past. When you live into it, you will re-create what was. This story will drain you and you will always feel hungry for some unsatiated fulfilment.

I love the quote “The coward suffers over and over again, the warrior only once.”

The warrior has the glory.

So, which do you choose? The story or the glory?

Here are a few steps to shift from STORY to GLORY:

1. Check your body when you think or talk about a “story” you have. If there are body triggers that have you clench, heat up, lose vision, raise your voice...this is a powerful indicator that you are “in it” (aka the story has you.)

2. Once you are aware of your body sensations, create a shift. Physically move. Dance, play a song, go for a walk or hit your mat.

3. Ask yourself this powerful question “is it happening right now?”

4. Then make a new choice. Give yourself some space from the story, see it with new perspective and ask “what new choice can I make now.”

5. Create your new choice as a verbal declaration. It could be “I allow myself to make mistakes” or “I choose patience and faith” even “I choose to learn and grow”.

The Glory is in the giving. Giving up, giving time, giving space.

Your story is what makes you perfectly imperfect. Do us all a favour, loosen the grip is has on you. I will if you will!


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