How saying what you want, gets you what you want!

By Erin Anderson
Posted in The Real Deal, on October 22, 2014

Does goal setting really work?

Sitting down to write goals is probably under scrubbing my tub on my list...and I'm the one plugging goal setting. 

That blank page, being told as a kid "the world is your oyster", a nagging disbelief running in the background - none of that helps. 

And yet through great teachers, meditation and practice, I've had moments of a clear picture of my future self. It's a very trippy and exciting thing to see myself sitting in my newly built home with my grown kids around me and the books I'm working on spread out on a table. 

It's a snap shot, and I'll take the message. 

The vision itself could simply be a dream unless I put the wheels in motion and start an action plan. 

This is what Intention to Action is all about. Last week I facilitated a 2 hour workshop on vision and goals. The work involves seeing a vision of yourself in the future and pulling goals out of this vision.

What you see may not be new and some goals you may have kept as embers. Being in a space where together we declare our goals is like awakening the sparks and letting the fire glow. 

Since I began leading this kind of work I have been blown away at the stories. I am so touched that you've shared "walking right into the guy I pictured, now I'm in love" to hearing of life changing course corrections into a chosen future rather than suffering though the "shoulds" of life. 

This work matters, deeply. Days, months, years go by in a blink. Waste no time declaring loud and proud where you want to go and who you want to be for this world.

If you aren't in the drivers seat of your chosen life, who is?

Does goal setting really work? No, it doesn't, you do. Work your goals and create a technicolour life full of wonder. Say what you want, be in action around it and watch magic happen. 

Live big!


PS a big shout out to Maeve Jones for making the latest Intention to Action a possibility. She is a fire stoker! Watch out for the next one in early January!

I'd also like to thank two great teachers of mine, Susanne Conrad of igolu and Parker Pearson, my friend, ally, teacher and holder of bright possibilities.  



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