High five alone? Hunh?

By Erin Anderson
Posted in The Real Deal, on October 04, 2014

Collaboration. My new favourite word.

And when a collaborative effort comes to life, the reward is double sweet.

The smack of a high five, the exchange of a look of glee, the HUZZAH in chorus - all becomes more of a gift than the project itself. 

I have accomplishments all day long - but no one really seems to care that I made my bed or completed my taxes. A self high five isn't quite the same.  

The results of collaboration delight me - every time. 

There are many projects I want to shout from the rooftops about, and today I get to show you one. 

Raffaella Dice is a student at White Gold Yoga, a recent graduate of our Teacher Training and a modest photographer. She came to me in a whisper. Her work is loudly calling out her talent. 

Enjoy these photos from the recent Yoga Jam Event, a yoga benefit for Africa Yoga Project. This event is the epitome of collaboration. AcroYoga, songstress Aude Ray, bright eyed yogis...she found the essence. High fives all the way to Kenya! Thank you Raff!









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