Your get out of the Comfort Zone free card

By Erin Anderson
Posted in The Real Deal, on May 22, 2014

What? Bust out of the comfort zone? But why? It's COMFY!

Yes, there are many days where sinking back into the cushion of mediocrity feelzzz gooood. In fact I'm a little defiant about it. I've been known to have a heated conversation with myself that sounds like:

"you deserve to chill out" 

"so what if this isn't what I was aiming at, it's good 'nuf" 

or this beauty "leave me alone".

Then it hits me...daymn, I'm in the isolation tank of the comfort zone. I'm in a pit without my pal possibility! I realize what's really happening, fear got in my way. 

Does this sound familiar? You are hungry for more in your life, you love the term "live big" and you're not sure what's stopping you. What's stopping you is the very thing that keeps you in your comfort zone. Fear.

Fear is like a detour sign that point you back to where you came from and prevents you from new adventures, new possibilities. 

Would you like to know how to get out of your comfort zone? It's time to love on fear. Yes, take ol fear and invite it for tea. Just like there's a fine line between laughing and crying, fear is just another way of describing excitement. Use fear to surge you forward and bust on through to the other side! 

Your get out of the comfort zone free card is to choose fear as a brilliant cue that you are onto something that truly matters.  

Thinking and talking about it is one thing, being in action about it is quite another. So take action and up your game!

1. write down each one of your fears, as irrational and nutso as they may sound. It could be your fears specifically on a project you are working on or a relationship that requires attention. 

2. See your fears as ways that remind you of what's truly important to you and thank them!

3. Look underneath your fears and see what you are truly committed to. What do you value? What do you really want? 

4. Declare your desired outcome and share it with someone. Even share what you are afraid of and see the ways it starts to loose power. Your world is created in what you say - speak of your big dreams frequently and often! 

Living your dreams serves others, deeply.

Thank fear and live big! 


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