You have to feel to heal

By Erin Anderson
Posted in The Real Deal, on April 20, 2014

Are you noticing that you need a jolt of coffee in the morning, or a "take the edge off" glass of wine in the evening? 

Our bodies are remarkable at storing stress. We get really good at stuffing it down, numbing it out. It's usually the stuff that's ugly or annoying to deal with that we become experts in avoiding. The grimy grudge or the dull ache of heartbreak find places in our bodies. And if the trash isn't taken out on a regular basis...well things start to break down. But oh we're good at masking the break down! We soldier on, go shopping, watch TV, have a 'nother...anything but feeling "it". 

We have so many outlets for distraction and diversion. So many tools to take us out of being with ourselves. This is why meditation is perceived as "difficult". I am among the many who struggle to sit and simply be with my thoughts, it can be nuts in there sometimes! And yet I know, for certain, that meditation and sweaty yoga is the most effective tool to clear out, slow down and let it all go by. What I'm left with is a sense of gratitude and the power to make great choices.

So why avoid what's sure to be the answer to our problems? The answer...we have to feel to heal. 

Numbing out the downer feelings is a risky business. You can't numb the pain without numbing the joy. This is the makings of a zombie. That's not you.

Yet you may know this and still need a little nudge to get over the hump.

You are someone who believes in living your life fully and authentically. You are inspired by people who have experience a breakthrough in their lives and you are ready for your own. You have the desire to live big but need support to move out some junk. You are ready for a personal revolution!

Join us at White Gold Yoga for 40 days of regular yoga and meditation practices along with group discussions and community support. Together we will progress from 20 minute practices and 5 minute meditations and incrementally increase times as your body and mind strengthen. 

Your body is your temple. Clear out the pipes. Once clear what is possible for you? Based on past participants I've seen relationships form, dream jobs realized, long held habits broken and lives unleashed!

Say yes to YOUR personal revolution and join an amazing community of like minded people up to big things!

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