By Erin Anderson
Posted in The Real Deal, on February 23, 2014

It was worth the bite of cold air on my fingers to catch this image this morning on top of Blackcomb Mountain. I had to capture this moment as Baron's words came flooding in and I was overwhelmed with gratitude. 

Inviting light has been my practice lately. I'm a junkie for the work of Susanne Conrad, Baron Baptiste, Danielle LaPort, Marie Forleo and Steve Zaffron to name a few. They are some of the brilliant badasses out there currently making huge ripples of change.

They are chipping away at the decades of a learned aptitude to darkness. Some of us have inherited attitudes of scarcity, judgment and worry. These leaders are pumping iron for us all. They are dedicated to giving us tools to shift, change and create a new future.

I want to be a part of this new future. And not as a bystander. I'm holding my arms in the air and saying WOOPPIEEE let's DO this! Let's dig deep, get grounded, take a big breath and flow forward into the light. Let's take our multi-dimensional tool kit and forge a new path, for ourselves and others. Around each corner delight, radiance, harmony and clarity await.

I invite you to come on the journey with me, into the light.


Here's how we can work together:

1. Yoga for the embodied learners. Deeply physical, rinsing, cleansing and purifying. Get empty to let the light in. Yoga class schedule here

2.  The Circle for the group learner with pen and paper in hand. Join a group of open hearted and curious individuals keen to share and learn together. 4 sessions beginning March 11th at 7:30pm. Register here.

3. Yoga Teacher Training for the full meal deal. Our current session is full, and we're making plans for the next one. Yoga Teacher Training is a powerful way to understand yourself FULLY and be of service to others. It changed my life, in every way! I am grateful to my teacher Baron Baptiste and I am proud to share his teachings along with potent personal leadership elements.

Follow us on facebook to find out about the next training.

And...I'm in full brainstorm and planning mode on more ways! MORE ways to live big, more ways to connect and invite the light. 

Until we connect again, big love to you all!


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