Face plants to wisdom

By Erin Anderson
Posted in The Real Deal, on January 16, 2014

If I'm honest, I picture a wise person as someone who is serene, has it all together, is kind, thoughtful and patient. I love to be in the space of people who teach from wisdom, I want to learn from them. I have always gravitated towards the more intuitive lessons rather than the analytic style of learning (read I suck at math). 

What I completely neglected to consider is, what does the road to wisdom look like? 

In my naïveté I only saw the results and found myself in awe of such grounded souls.

Here I am, blogging out to the world (or 10 of you) and thinking I have a nugget or two to share. I do! I know it. And I know that wisdom, for me, has come with a few hits, bangs, crashes, cringes, face plants and total f-ups. I've had to pull myself up out of some ditches with mud on my face to say sorry. I've lashed out and blamed. I've been a royally high maintenance passive aggressive beeyach.

I'm grateful for my inner beeyach, she has taught me a lot. The mud had me access humility. The face plant was a quick wake up call. Ahhh the road to wisdom, it ain't always pretty and it's full of choices. I could choose to stay in the ditch and bring others down with me, or create an opportunity for more. 

Over time, I have learned three tools that I use to cultivate wisdom.

1. Compassion. For me and for those around me.

2. Consultation. I call up a carefully chosen friend who I trust to let me have it. I talk to those who I know won't way "well, you should have..." or tell me I'm wrong. Consultation is the act of inquiry, curiosity and perspective. When I hit the deck all I see is wood. Consultation allows me to see possibilities. 

3. A body based practice. Yoga, meditation or a walk in the woods. My body tells the truth. Intuition lives in my body, not my "figuring it out". My "figuring it out" likely landed me in a mess in the first place.

So today I celebrate my bombs and disasters, they've lead to wisdom. And what use is wisdom if it doesn't lead to a greater ability to be compassionate towards others? Let's celebrate together! What have been some of your greatest ah-ha moments? What did you do to translate a wipe out into wisdom? 

Choose to live big! 

xo erin


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