Fear or love?

By Erin Anderson
Posted in The Real Deal, on December 02, 2013

Imagine standing at the top of a steep ski run, knees bent, poles planted, ready to pounce into a maze of gates. Imagine the sharp tone of a coach bellowing into your ear "The world is watching you! Your country is depending on YOU to win!". The fury of thoughts barely allow the enormity of those words in. Now GO! Expertly ski slalom gates. No room for error. Win, it's the only option. 

This feels like fear to me.  

I'm writing what was in my imagination as I spoke with National Team Slalom skier Mike Janyk after a yoga class. He shared with me the realization that he had been competing out of fear instead of love.

As soon as he said that it was like an explosion in my heart and mind! He shared that he always knew he wanted to race, it's in his gut, it's his boyhood dream. He realized that in every moment he has the power to transform his experience. Head up! Hear it all! Take it all in! See the space between the gates and go for glory! 

Now even as I write choose love over fear, it seems simple and has a quality of "heard it before". It's in that dullness that my ears perk up, what am I missing if fear is still present? Choice!

It's in the power to choose love, that's where life transforms. I took a look around in my life and wondered, where am I acting out of fear not love? It was a bad news, good news moment for me. Fear seems to crop up at unusual times - cruising facebook, checking numbers of students coming to class, seeing piles of un-folded laundry... Fear. The good news is that in every moment I can choose love instead! 

Choose love, go for the glory and give back. It can be in the laundry folding moments too.

I for one will be watching for Mike Janyk in each of his World Cup races this winter on the road to Sochi. I will be looking for the twinkle in his eye and I will smile, knowing that he's doing it for the love! 

Thank you Mike! You rock a mean headstand too by the way!


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