Yoga Jam heart throb

By Erin Anderson
Posted in The Real Deal, on November 23, 2013

I had to keep it together while 87 people OMed 5 times in a sacred space. The OM filled the room and beyond. The vibration was like an electric jolt to the deepest part of my soul. Tears were not an option at that moment. 

That's the power of a Yoga Jam Event. 

I started this little fundraising gig about 3 years ago and this last one was the icing on a cake I've been baking for a long time. People kept coming in! Vibrant, happy, loving souls filled the aboriginal museum in Whistler - ready to practice, ready for anything! I told them about the Africa Yoga Project and how their contribution matters and I was met with faces who seemed to be saying "yeah, we know. We're ready to give. Let's do this!" So cool.

Ellen and Palo, two White Gold Yoga teachers and I rocked it. We put it all out there! And the 87 yogis soaked it all up. We shook our booty along with DJ Foxy Moron who came out to dance with us. We partnered in handstands and back rubs. We clapped, hugged and laughed. We connected with each other and strengthened the fabric of our community. Can you hear my heart beat from where you are? I'm gushing with pride and love. 

We dished out draw prizes from Mongoli Grill, Scandinave Spa, Pacific Yoga School, The Mexican Corner, The Longhorn, Cheryl Massey, lululemon and Deja Vogue. Very happy yogis left with an open body, treats in their hands and love in their heart. Awwww!

Tonight I rest peacefully knowing that I'm a part of an amazing community. This is what I love to do, perhaps what I'm meant to do. Seeing people come together like this gives me faith that our world is in good hands. 

Until next time! See you on your mat! 


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