erin anderson

500 hr Certified Baptiste Power Yoga Teacher 

I am a Certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher passionate about using the transformative tools in yoga to elevate each and every person to live life big. I have personally experienced a huge shift in my life since I was introduced to Baptiste Yoga, one that has allowed me to be up to something bigger than myself. Through a provoking, compassionate and playful style of teaching, I ask you to dive deep into the sensations of your physical body as well as what makes you tick. It's all about getting to the real deal within. That's the good stuff. 

Power Yoga has taught me that it’s not the grip and effort, it’s the power in vulnerability that ignites my jets. The courage to be vulnerable makes my heart sing. 

Through the Baptiste trainings I was introduced to the Africa Yoga Project which opened my eyes to the power of yoga as a means to bringing peace to the world. I am honoured to be an ambassador and team member with AYP with a mission to support a cause that will transform a country in need. I have created the Yoga Jam Events for a Cause fundraising event which elevate spirit, cultivate community and generate abundance both in our community and across the globe. The Yoga Jam Events program is now being offered in communities in Canada, the US and UK as a fundraising tool. Visiting Africa and seeing the work in action has been truly inspiring and I look forward to continuing to support this powerful movement.

Join me on the mat to expand your life. Free up tension so you can reach out...big! 

maeve jones

Full of smiles, Maeve is genuinely happy to see you and to meet you in the fertile space of yoga. Her classes are bothpowerful and playful, as well as invigorating and grounding. Expect to engage from the core of your being to the surface of your skin and with every soulful layer in between. Maeve empowers you to move intentionally so that you can discover the layers of yourself and create through practice whatever it is that you need.

Maeve loves yoga deeply, and her insatiable curiosity brings a wealth of knowledge to the studio – every class contains nuggets of yogic philosophy and anatomical cues to inspire, empower, and uplift practicing yogis. She offers you tools to create your own experience and make your practice serve you personally. Love, nature, and lightness are her core values.

So breathe deep, prance every day, and try out a class with Maeve.

joanna berringer

Joanna's bright energy is contagious. Her love of yoga spills over and translates into her teaching through dynamic, powerful and utterly joyful movement. Joanna's years of experience as an outdoor guide and grade school teacher provide a solid foundation for her natural teaching ability. She, like you, loves to sweat. Prepare to be surprised at how hard you'll work in her class, you can't help it with her as a spark. 

jennifer black

Once you meet her, you are a friend. Jen is open, curious, vulnerable and has a huge heart. Jen has an ability to light up a room and can lead you through a power class with confidence and ease while she joyfully moves about. You want Jen on your team!

laura davies

Laura has been quietly dedicated to White Gold Yoga for years. And with an evolved practice, she decided to take it to the next level and take the White Gold Yoga Teacher Training! She models what it is to gracefully move forward, in life andpractice.

“What I’m most excited to bring to White Gold students is calmness and smiles in a sweaty room!" 

ellen murray

Ellen dishes out a badass power class with ease. Somehow she knows just the right amount of spice to add all with a sweet smile and casual cues. She's grace under fire and has the smarts to back it. By day Ellen is the assistant store manager at the Whistler lululemon athletica store, managing a big team and a very popular retail store. 

Ellen is masterful at drawing out what you want most in life. Though listening to your wildest dreams, Ellen's enthusiasm and intuition have you feeling lit up and ready to take on your goals. 

Check out Ellen's classes and you'll leave feeling like you've got a new BFF as well as a rockin' strong body! 

crystal brown

Crystal is quiet thunder. She'll welcome you with a sweet soft voice and then move you with a powerful confidence that may take you by surprise! Crystal is creative, kind and committed. A long time Whistler local, Crystal embodies the mountain lifestyle. Weekends you will either find her photographing weddings or enjoying the backcountry and weekdays she is serving our local children at the Waldorf School. White Gold Yoga is lucky to have this talented and energetic teacher.

Crystal's flow classes are powerful and creative. Be prepared to learn something new and experience some different poses! 


kelly hand

Kelly is, for each and every person she meets, true and steady. White Gold Yoga is so blessed to have her on the teaching team with her quiet and determined spirit leaning in to make a difference. As an elite athlete and member of the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame for sailing, Kelly knows something about determination and commitment. And with wisdom, she's translated all that she's experienced into her teaching and delivers a yoga class with power, ease and confidence. 
Kelly found a balance for her life as a mother and graphic designer through yoga and meditation and believes the practice has changed her life entirely. Through diligent practice and training Kelly is ready to give back all that she's received. Get ready to be moved and inspired!

stephanie petersen

Stephanie is one badass motha! As a mother of 3 she knows how to get things done, how to take charge and most importantly how to dish out daily doses of love. After setting aside a thriving career to be with her kids, Stephanie felt the calling to be a part of the community through something she loves, yoga. A natural athlete, Stephanie has compassion for runners and skiers and knows how powerful yoga is to heal the body. You will love her voice, it's soothing as she dishes out a powerful class. You will feel cared for the second you meet her. 


raffaella dice

Our resident artiste and raw chef happens to also be a beautiful yoga teacher. Raff is ready to share her creativity, inspiration and earthy joy with you. In Raff's presence, you will feel welcome to express yourself fully and authentically. There's something special about Raff, she is humble and curious and won't be the first person to tell you how unbelievably talented she is. #watchoutworld

sarah campbell

Sarah is our little lioness. Her crinkle nosed smile will melt your heart, and she'll deliver a powerful class with abs as her secret weapon. "What I am most excited to bring to WGY is a fun, supportive environment where each student is encouraged to challenge themselves to bring out their inner power." 

sarah mastalir

Sarah has been dedicated to White Gold Yoga for years. She delights in yoga so much so that she's managed to inspire her entire family to begin practicing. Sarah's bright eyes and warm heart make it tough to stay away. She is sweet, inside and out - yes, she's an extraordinary baker. If you're lucky you'll earn one of her famous baked treats! 

jo bones

Little Jo is a lover of nature, yoga and people. Her determination to dive deep into the teachings of yoga has resulted in two 200hr teacher trainings. Jo's hunger and passion for yoga will inspire you to dive deep into your own practice. 

kimberly arnot

Kimberly's years of experience as a ski coach gives her an amazing foundation for teaching yoga. She's White Gold Yoga's biggest cheerleader and her love for this community and practice is infectious. Kimberly is powerful, fun and real. Get to know her! 

jayne touchet

studio manager
With Jayne at the helm of organization we as teachers are set free to be fully present and of service to you. Jayne keeps the ship running smoothly and is diligently bringing our little studio into full technological support! As an avid student, Jayne wanted to deepen her involvement with the studio and offered to apply her vast management skills to ignite our business. She is a visionary who keeps her feet solidly on the ground. She gets $%&* done. You will most certainly see Jayne leap froggin masterfully, get to know her, she's cool!



Look out for these amazing new teachers - they put their heart and soul into the first White Gold Yoga Teacher Training program held January - May, 2014. Lead by Erin Anderson and Parker Pearson, this training was potent, out of the box and highly effective in producing teachers who not only know yoga, but they know themselves.